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Professional coaching for lawyers

Outside Insight provides professional coaching for lawyers and is aimed exclusively at the legal profession.

Outside Insight founder Laurie Adams

Laurie Adams, Outside Insight

We at Outside Insight help law firms improve their performance by creating and maintaining an environment where lawyers can thrive, engage more effectively with senior business customers and be better prepared for their career challenges.

We work with in-house lawyers to deal with career challenges, including the building of effective relationships with business colleagues.

Experience and service

Two things make the Outside Insight team different: first, the depth of our legal experience, which gives a clear understanding of the pressures lawyers work under and the context in which they perform their role. Those who get involved with your lawyers’ coaching or mentoring have proven success in managing large teams of lawyers across different countries and cultures, in Magic Circle firms, international and major financial companies.

Secondly, we are dedicated to keeping a small and undiluted core service with only top-league experts in our  team, and overheads that do not distort the value of our offering; given the quality of its service, our fees are therefore very competitive.

We have worked with firms of all sizes, from 20 plus partners up to Magic Circle. Our group coaching helps to remove the stigma of coaching that pervades the legal sector and our one-to-one coaching sessions give individuals the opportunity to rigorously address their unique needs.

Examples of areas where we can help with specialised coaching:

For more information about any of our services please contact Outside Insight.

Our coaching course structure

For much of our coaching we use the GROW model: Goal setting, Reality testing, Option reviewing and establishing What is to be done, When it is to be done and the Will to do it.  More specifically:

  • We help lawyers put personal and professional attitudes, behaviour and goals in a wider context.  We help them think through appraisal-related or other issues and challenges that might nullify their motivation;
  • We explain at each critical stage of their career the changes they can expect and how they can best adapt to them.  Our ‘Life Cycle of the Lawyer’ outlines the particular challenges facing lawyers at the key transitional points of their career, and how we can assist guiding lawyers through these challenges;
  • We help hone or refresh lawyers’ complementary skills (such as business development), and coach them in areas that are crucial to the firm’s competitiveness;
  • We help lawyers to prepare and, if necessary, adjust to the fundamental transformation to the way law firms are organised, as a result of the Legal Services Act.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Outside Insight team for more information about any of our professional coaching services for lawyers.