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Retirement planning for lawyers

Successfully planning for a life after law requires a robust analysis of your skill set, your ambitions and the perception from the market you are targeting.

Start the planning process by answering these questions:

  • Should I remain a lawyer? Am I cut out for a general counsel role and do I really know what it entails or have I just made the assumption that the grass is greener? (In reality it may just be a different shade of green.)
  • If I’m looking for a non-executive role, do I know what companies and voluntary sector organisations want from their non-execs, especially after the recession revealed some non execs should have been more robust? Do I know how the market perceives lawyers as non-execs, and how I can counter that perception?
  • Do I want to have what Charles Handy calls a portfolio career, and how would I manage that?
  • Have I really thought through the more off-the-wall options which I have mused on, such as doing a Masters degree, running a pub or becoming a photographer? If not, why not? (Each of these have been done by former partners we know)

What questions have you asked yourself about retirement?

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