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Improving partners’ business development skills

Improving partners' business development skills is crucial to a clear business strategy for your legal firm

Improving the ability of partners to support business development of their law firm is essential in unforgiving market conditions.

The pie for available business has shrunk and there is more competition than ever before, yet there is a huge focus on billable work to the detriment of finding the next transaction.

Selling the benefits of the firm, cross-selling to support other parts of the business, and taking a wider view for the benefit of the business should be key attributes for effective partners.

Lost art of business development for lawyers

Yet partners are losing their business development skills and are hiding behind the mantra “the best marketing is doing a good job” while other firms are out there searching for new business.

In today’s market technical expertise is a given, satisfaction is not, so improving the client handling skills of lawyers is essential.

Clients want lawyers to be trusted advisers and not simply deliver legal services. They also want lawyers to be creative. Above all, they need their lawyers to be on top of their game.

In order to achieve this, firms need to give lawyers greater support to develop their ability to take time to listen, interact personably and take a step back to see issues in their correct perspective.

Coaching helps partners recognise and develop new opportunities, for their own sector and for other departments within their law firm.

By improving client relationship handling and senior-level networking skills, we can help partners address business development as an essential part of their senior role.

Coaching from ex-senior lawyers

Outside Insight offers specialist coaching programmes for partners. We help hone or refresh lawyers’ complementary skills (such as business development), and coach them in areas that are crucial to the firm’s competitiveness.

Contact our team of ex-senior lawyers to find out how specialised coaching can help you.