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Coaching for senior partners

Coaching for senior partnersCoaching helps senior partners address the challenges that come with a change of responsibility, such as being elected to a managing partner role and becoming head of a department

All partners in a law firm have a leadership role; it is inherent in the partnership structure. Some, like the senior partner have obvious leadership responsibilities, but each partner has to be a leader in some context, whether as leader of a group, or when leading a transaction or a relationship team, or identifying and helping to promote new partners.

Lawyers often possess expert technical skills, but these senior-level roles can put a new onus on leadership and management.

Leadership is not the same as management; it is said that you manage things but you lead people. The relationship between the leader and the led is different to other relationships partners may have experienced in their career to date.

These are skills that often need to be imbued or drawn out of the individual, a process for which coaching is ideally suited.

Our leadership coaching  and strategy facilitation services help senior and managing partners and department heads broaden their understanding of the needs of the people working for them, and of the wider law firm.

We ensure that a senior partner is prepared for this change of responsibility and has the necessary tools to be successful, a benefit the both the individual and the law firm.

Senior partner coaching from Outside Insight

Specialised coaching ensures that senior partners are prepared for new roles. Outside Insight is a team of ex-lawyers that understands the unique challenges in today’s unforgiving market. We have a wide array of experience in coaching senior partners, contact our team to find out more.