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Coaching lateral hires

Coaching for lateral hiresCoaching for lateral hires can be the key to successfully integrating new recruits into a law firm and is essential to ensuring they have an immediate and positive impact.

The confidential nature of external coaching can be utilised in situations where people are being hired laterally, particularly in the period when the lateral hire is integrating into the new firm and department.

Successful lateral hires

Effective lateral hiring and retention is difficult – a study by The Lawyer magazine of nearly 2,000 lateral hires found that 33% left their new firm within three years and 44% left within five years. Firms with strong cultures can find it difficult to accommodate senior hires from other backgrounds.

Coaching helps to harmonise the individual’s outlooks, practices and objectives with the firms, and ensures the lateral hires is not left to find their own way and struggle to self-integrate.

Coaching for lateral hires from ex-senior lawyers

Outside Insight offers specialist and confidential coaching programmes for lateral hires, ensuring they are successfully integrated into their new role. Contact our team of ex-senior lawyers to find out how specialised coaching can help you.