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Coaching: one-to-one or group sessions

Making a choice between one-to-one or group coaching should start by addressing your business needs and whether you are targeting individual or firm-wide development.

Advantages of one to one coaching

One-to-one coaching is the most effective way of transforming the performance of an individual.

We tailor our one-to-one coaching services to address the very specific requirements of every lawyer that we coach and mentor, ensuring our programmes remain specific and challenging.

Coaching on an individual basis allows us to work confidentially with clients to help them realise their drive, potential and career ambitions.

From a business perspective, we can identify the pressures and stresses that they perceive are holding back their performance within the work environment and find ways to combat these issues.

From a career viewpoint, we are able to address plans for future development, even looking to their post-law career, and create an achievable plan for reaching these life goals.

This confidence and security enables individuals to flourish within their business environment, providing additional benefit to the company they work for.

Targets agreed at the outset of our one-to-one coaching sessions can be measured during and after the coaching period to ensure that the programme of development is working effectively.

Advantages of group coaching

Group coaching is an effective way of empowering departmental or firm-wide development.

By drawing out solutions for people within a group setting, the team gets to understand, review and challenge the processes their colleagues are following.

By bringing an external view to the business, we as coaches can take the heat out of group issues and disagreements and provide a cool-headed viewpoint that allows individuals to consider the wider issues of the team.

Areas group coaching can benefit include:

  • strategic development within a department
  • improving pitching skills
  • developing stronger client relationships
  • attracting better quality candidates
  • planning for retirement or a life after law

Coaching is the process of drawing out solutions from within individuals rather than simply imparting information for others to follow, so when done in a group setting coaching becomes a powerful driver of collective, owned development.

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