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Becoming a non-executive director

Coaching for lawyers to become non-executive directorsBecoming a non-executive director is the goal for many senior lawyers and partners who are approaching retirement, however the legal profession is notoriously bad at preparing for these roles.

Specialist coaching can help partners find fulfilling non-executive roles outside of law. Our courses help lawyers recognise the requirements boards look for in their appointments, and identify how they can reach and communicate these skills and experience.

We help identify the 10 characteristics that boards look for in their non-executive directors and how lawyers can attain these traits.

Meeting board needs for non-execs

Planning should be a 3 to 5 year process which allows senior lawyers to start targeting non-executive roles with smaller organisations years before the end of their legal career, so they can prepare for roles on FTSE boards in the future.

Law firms can address the stigma of planning for retirement by introducing senior lawyers to group coaching sessions that address the issues and opportunities of retirement, and then through one-to-one sessions that help individuals robustly analyse their own unique aims and aspirations.

Coaching from ex-senior lawyers

Specialist coaching can help senior partners successfully target non-executive roles after their legal career.

Outside Insight are ex-senior lawyers who have held non-executive roles at a variety of companies – contact our team to find out how specialised coaching can help you.