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Coaching for junior partners & senior associates

Coaching for junior partners gives them a stepping stone to a productive career

Recognising the needs of junior partners and senior associates who are aiming to become full equity partners helps to retain and motivate a law firm’s talent pool and can reduce the requirement of risky lateral hires.

Coaching helps to retain and develop junior partners and gives them the stepping stones to realise their potential and drive the delivery of their firm’s strategy.

During the run up to partnership, from years 5-8 PQE, most associates need to broaden their focus from purely transactional work and billable hours.  This usually requires more time spent developing soft skills, for which coaching can be very relevant.

Helping junior partners and senior associates understand what is required outside of billable hours and high quality work for success in your firm, can be reinforced with coaching.

Preparing junior partners  and associates for senior roles

Preparing successfully for senior partnership, which entails a whole new set of skills and responsibilities, should take place over years rather than months.

To be a successful senior partner, junior partners must find their own voice and style, as much as the management skills that comes with the greater responsibility. By concentrating on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses, one-to-one coaching can help improve the success of this process.

Coaching from ex-lawyers

Outside Insight offers specialist coaching programmes to help junior partners become equity partners. Contact our team of ex-lawyers to find out how specialised coaching can help you.