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Managing lawyers effectively

Coaching can be the final piece in the jigsaw for managing effective legal teams

To manage lawyers effectively is to keep their motivation high, engage them in corporate goals and instil lasting change.

Where performance appraisals still focus only on ‘what’ lawyers need to do to improve, our specialised coaching focuses on ‘how’ lawyers can improve.

We recognise that merely increasing compensation is rarely the most effective tool.

Improving partner performance

Through our coaching courses, we identify how to get the best from your lawyers; how to help them arrive at the right decisions at critical stages of their careers; how to ensure your firm benefits as a result of contented and better performing lawyers, and how to bring about an overall productive atmosphere in your law firm.

Coaching from ex-senior lawyers

As outside coaches, and as experienced senior lawyers with international experience, we are perfectly suited to working with lawyers. We give lawyers the time, space, privacy, professional perspective, guidance and support they need to reflect on their goals and how to achieve them.  They benefit, and so therefore does your firm.

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