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Retirement planning for lawyers and partners

Coaching for lawyers planning retirementPlanning for retirement is essential for senior lawyers and partners, who can face difficulty in finding suitable roles after their legal career has ended.

The trend for partners to retire before the age of 55 leaves many looking for a new role outside of law, but business’ reluctance to see lawyers as anything other than specialists in a limited area cam make it difficult for partners to find suitable roles.

Specialist coaching for retiring partners and senior lawyers

The answer is for lawyers to plan for their exit over a 3 to 5 year period, to reflect on their options, how to pursue them, and to robustly analyse the skills they have and the skills they need to meet their retirement goals.

By supporting partners in this planning process, firms ensure that senior lawyers leave and make way for new recruits and they continue to motivate employees who are approaching the ends of their career.

Firms can take away the stigma of retirement by introducing senior partners to the issues in group workshops, followed by one-to-one coaching which gives each partner time and space to reflect honestly on strengths and how they can use them in their next role.

The accountancy sector is streets ahead of the legal profession in preparing people for their future with large firms offering a host of support programmes for senior staff.

Coaching from ex-senior lawyers

Specialist coaching can help senior partners successfully plan for their retirement and life after law.

Outside Insight are ex-senior lawyers who forged successful careers after law – contact our team to find out how specialised coaching can help you.